Now Offering Trigger Point Dry Needling for Pain Relief

Trigger point dry needlingWe’re thrilled to announce that we are now offering trigger point dry needling! Nate Wiechmann, D.C., recently completed the 50-hour course in Dynamic Neuromuscular Trigger Point Dry Needling in Kansas City, Mo.

Have you ever come across a spot on your neck, back, hip or shoulder that is painful and tight? Found a knot in the muscle that just won’t release? Chances are you found a trigger point, a hyper-irritable spot in a muscle that can be directly treated with trigger point dry needling.

During this type of treatment, Dr. Wiechmann carefully inserts a “dry” needle (one without medication or liquid) directly into a knot or pressure point, which helps release tension in the surrounding muscle area.

Although the treatment is similar to acupuncture, it is not the same. The primary goal of dry needling is to relieve muscle pain and tension, whereas acupuncture focuses on returning energy flow to a state of balance by removing blocked or interrupted chi.

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