7 Strategies to Support Your Body During the Full Moon

Friday is a full moon. If you’ve been feeling under the weather recently, you’re not alone.

During the full moon, serotonin levels increase. Parasites thrive on serotonin and use it to move more freely throughout the body.

This can cause an increase in symptoms like:

✔️Increased muscle / joint pain
✔️Difficulty falling / staying asleep
✔️Increased fatigue
✔️Migraines headaches
✔️Heart palpitations
✔️Feeling depressed / anxious
✔️Uncontrollable cravings
✔️GI issues
✔️Acne flare ups and skin issues
✔️Teeth grinding / sore jaws
✔️Rectal itching

The strategies above can help support your body naturally during this time. Like + save this to refer back later.

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