Assessing Your Body’s Toxic Load

You may think it’s just a little bit, but that “little bit” can add up and cause serious health issues.

When toxins overload your body, your immune system becomes suppressed, making you more susceptible to viruses, parasites and other pathogens.

Swapping out common household products for safer alternatives is one way to reduce your toxic load and improve your overall health. But it’s also important to support your body’s natural drainage and detox pathways.

In my clinic, I use muscle testing and blood work to identify the root cause of patients’ ailments and address their health issues head-on. You’d be surprised how often environmental factors come up.

For example, I often see patients who think gluten and/or processed dairy are causing their gut issues. While these may not be helping, I usually find that glyphosate toxicity and/or parasites are to blame. Once we get them on a personalized detox protocol — which always includes a binder to safely pull the toxins from the body — they start feeling better.

If you need help identifying the root cause of your ailments and detoxing safely, I’d love to help!

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